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Recent Jayhawk West Division News

2019 All League KCLB

By Sheldon Howell 08/20/2019, 10:30am CDT

All League Coaches/GM Selections 2019 

1st and 2nd Team Awarded 



1. Trevor Beard (Liberal)

2. Kyle Gaura (Cannons)



1. Jake Selco (Pipeliners)

2. Cayde Ward (Liberal)



1. Jimmy DeLeon (Hays)

2. Grant Lung (VC)



1. Matt Cavanaugh (Hays)

2. Aiden Shepardson (Liberal)



1. Tyler Brown (Pipeliners)

2. Jordan Williams (Liberal)




1. Drake Angeron (Hays)

2. Conner Emmet (Liberal)

3. Justin Lee (Hays)



4. Garrett Thornton (Heat)

5. Thomas Cain (Cannons)

6. Cash Balentine (Outlaws)




Wyatt Divis (Hays)

Clay Westbrooks (Cannons)

Hayden Woolsey (Heat)

Valenny Jimenez (Outlaws)

Robert Gonzalez (Dodge)

Riley Bost (Liberal)

Collin Cicere (Heat)

Trey Goodrich (Liberal)



Payton Strambler (Liberal)

Connor Hart (Cannons)

Tommy Garcia (Hays)

Steven Pagendarm (Heat)


Co-Offensive Players of the Year

Justin Lee (Hays)

Jake Selco (Pipeliners)


Defensive Player of the Year

Matt Cavanagh (Hays)


Co- Pitchers of the Year

Wyatt Divis (Hays)

Valenny Jimenez (Outlaws)


Organization of the Year

Kansas Cannons

GM/Coach of the Year

Rod Stevenson

Tom Sleva

NBC All American Team 2019

By NBC 08/19/2019, 4:45pm CDT

Cannons lose in Semi-Final Game

By Sheldon Howell 08/12/2019, 1:45pm CDT

Cannons take 3rd place at NBC

The Kansas Cannons lost in the semi-finals at the NBC World Series this past weekend. They fell 13-3 to the Cheney Diamond Dawgs. 

The Cannons posted a 3-3 record in the 2019 NBC World Series and brought home a 3rd place finish. Congratulations Cannons on a great regular and post season.  This is the best finish in their team history.