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Cannons Pool Champions, but fall short. Heat win game 1 of Championship Week

By Sheldon Howell 08/04/2018, 11:00am CDT

Cannons lose, Heat win.

Wellington Heat Schedule for Championship Week at the NBC

By Sheldon Howell 07/31/2018, 1:15pm CDT

Championship Week NBC, Heat

Cannons 2-0 in Pool Play

By Sheldon Howell 07/31/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Kansas Cannons looking for 3rd win at the NBC.

1st week NBC Bracket

By Sheldon Howell 07/27/2018, 1:30pm CDT

Cannons play in Prime Time


By Sheldon Howell 07/27/2018, 1:00pm CDT

The coaches have spoken...

Wellington Heat KCLB League and Tournament Champion

By Sheldon Howell 07/24/2018, 7:00pm CDT

Heat KCLB Champion

2018 KCLB Regional Tournament Bracket

By Sheldon Howell 07/18/2018, 11:15am CDT

2018 KCLB Regional Tournament Bracket

Wellington Heat First Basemen selected in Draft

By Sheldon Howell 06/11/2018, 9:45am CDT

Nate Crossman, Kansas Cannon D2 National Champion

By Sheldon Howell 06/11/2018, 9:30am CDT

National Champion

Former Kansas Cannon Madris Walks It Off

By Sheldon Howell 04/23/2018, 3:30pm CDT

Bligh Madris Walks it off.

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Displaying Results 31 - 40 of 62